Beyond predictive analytics and client segmentation, customer analytics has advanced. Traditional BI systems have been supplemented with statistical analysis, forecasting, and predictive modeling to answer the question, "What will happen?" in specific business scenarios.


We create static web applications that are tailored to your company's specific requirements. A web application is a computer program that allows you to log in to a web address in order to submit and retrieve data to and from a database over the internet. These programs are built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS, and may be viewed using your favorite web browser. Our designers will research and comprehend the client's business needs before creating a professional web application with user-friendly navigation. For smooth interaction, we make effective use of client-side scripting.  



A dynamic web application has a sophisticated user interface that allows for engaging interaction. We stay up with the current trends and technology in order to provide clients with the most up-to-date solutions. We put in a lot of time and effort to create a functional and dynamic web application with a smooth interaction. For an easy-to-use back-end dashboard, we leverage powerful client-side scripting. We give you complete flexibility in terms of data and content customization. To ensure effectiveness and scalability, we access a normalized database.          



E-commerce is a digital version of a physical store that attracts a wide range of customers. It's also a way to sell the product, and doing so online necessitates a well-designed e-commerce site. DOXC has a team of professional, creative, and experienced developers who know how to employ advanced programming languages and other technologies to create a user-friendly application. We create e-commerce applications based on your needs, conditions, and the convenience of your potential customers.    



Portal Web Apps are web-based systems that enable users to share information and correct themselves on a variety of topics. Web portals have data from a variety of sources that can be retrieved on the platform by category. Web portals are frequently used as the user interface for enterprise business processes as well as a vital source of information and communication for businesses. Our Portal web apps are built on powerful platforms that enable us to create customizable, high-performance portals with comprehensive data management and communication features.   



Our DOXC provides noteworthy solutions to clients so that they do not have to worry about managing their site content. All of our CMS solutions are fully customizable, with enhanced workflow and navigation for increased efficiency. Our developers have worked with a variety of CMS platforms. CMS can help you improve your website's user interface by providing relevant information to your visitors and enhancing your site's search engine rankings, resulting in increased productivity. Our CMS services include news, event details, and a blog, as well as content customization that streamlines your site. CMS development that fulfills your company's goals.